• daisypowellchandle

S1E9: Why Everybody Hates Centrica

Nick Baird, Corporate Affairs Director at Centrica talks to Daisy about how important (and challenging!) it is for businesses to partner positively with government. We discuss how big corporates can speak authentically about climate change and community and the challenge of communicating about big topics when you are in the midst of constant reorganisations.

We also discuss:

  • Why he moved from government to the private sector and how they differ

  • The interaction between climate change policy and corporate reputation

  • The enormity of climate transition and the increasing importance of ESG

  • Green jobs

  • How big companies can talk authentically about community

  • The overwhelming importance of relationship building for both commercial goals and reputation, and

  • Why reputation professionals need to talk the language of business.

For all this as well as practical tips on how to succeed when handling reputation in a complex environment, listen here: