• Daisy Powell-Chandler

How & why to run a great workshop - online

A change of tack this morning. I will soon publish the promised essay on health and corporate reputation – perhaps this is the perfect time for it. But right now many of us are settling into a new reality of remote working. Yesterday, many online conferencing services creaked and groaned as offices shut down and we spoke to colleagues from the sofa or kitchen table.

For some of the population, remote working is the norm – though the ability to meet clients for a face-to-face coffee is always a bonus! For everyone else this new approach is a bit alien and no doubt the first few days will be spent getting to grips with the basics. Once that phase is over, we face a decision: to grind to a halt until COVID-19 has passed, or to adapt and continue with the important tasks that usually fill our workday. As the news worsens, it is certainly tempting to curl up in a ball with a heap of books or Sopranos re-runs. But for my sanity I choose another route – to use all the tools at my disposal to make sure that projects keep running and thrive.

To that end, today I’m offering a free download for anyone out there wondering what to do about workshops, away days, brainstorming sessions and the like over the coming months. It is tempting to put them off, to say we can’t do that during the virus. But that would mean leaving big strategic decisions to drift. Instead, why not use the new perspective being gained by your teams? Use the time that they are stuck at home to think through the big questions that your team or firm or industry is facing.

Even better, online workshops provide a way to bring teams together even when they are in different locations. You can provide common purpose and articulate a direction for the team, even when they are all in different corners of the country, worrying about a disparate group of friends and family. And that, in itself, is a gift.

So CLICK HERE to download this free 12-page document of tips for making your workshop as productive online as off.

Stay healthy out there.