• Daisy Powell-Chandler

How to measure and communicate impact

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: Reputation is formed from three main components: your own behaviour, the manner in which your behaviour is communicated, and the context in which that behaviour takes place. Another way to think about this is impact. If the impact that we have upon the world is positive and we are effective at communicating that, our reputation will improve. This is why I often advise clients to create an impact map at the start of any reputation measurement exercise.

During the current global disruption, many organisations - charities and companies - are having to revisit how they describe their impact. Maybe that is because the substance of your day-to-day work has changed, maybe the old advertising medium no longer works, or perhaps you need to find a new tone that suits the times. And with so many of us away from our usual desks and reporting structures, now is is also an important time to review how we assess progress towards major strategic goals.

To help with that process, here are eight tips that apply whether you are writing an annual report, a charity website or copy for your latest advert and three examples that do this really well.

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